Service Providers

Service Providers

You’ll find a variety of different service providers at A10 Center.
View over the car park of the A10 Center Wildau. Behind it the large entrance area of the centre.
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Dekorations- und Werbeagentur Schneeweiß

 We’ve deliberately kept our agency small – which means we’re flexible and focused on our clients – yet still offer everything the “big guys” have. This allows us to meet your requirements and needs fast and with flexibility. Founded in 1996, we offer decorative services for shopping malls on a seasonal basis or for specific promotional activities, as well as for corporate and private events like gala dinners, proms, weddings, and trade fairs.

Dekorations- und Werbeagentur Schneeweiß

Jahnstraße 33

15745 Wildau  

Phone: +49-3375-50-07-56

Fax: +49-3375-50-17-75

Cell: +49-160-94-84-04-00


With a total of 158 years of experience over five generations, we manufacture custom-designed products using traditional craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology. From classic locksmith and iron work as well as restorations to products with a modern design, from aluminum, steel, and stainless steel to zinc and other metals, we always find a solution for your needs and ideas.

Frank Imme Metallbau OT Schlunkendorf

Kietz 37a

14547 Beelitz  

Phone: +49-33204-60-78-44

Fax: +49-33204-60-78-43


Industrial Computer Design

We have produced brilliant printed products, high-quality layouts, and high-end advertising technology since 1989 – and this is what you can expect from us when you entrust us with the production of your graphic designs. For over 25 years, Industrial Computer Design has stood for high-quality printing solutions that meet your high expectations.  

ICD Industrial Computer Design

Florian Finkenbusch e.K.

Hatzfelder Str. 161–163

D-42281 Wuppertal  

Phone: +49-202-70-50-80

Fax: +49-202-70-15-41

Klausch Gebäudetechnik GmbH

Klausch Gebäudetechnik GmbH is a modern enterprise highly skilled in all areas of building services and provides every service necessary to supply and dispose of water, air, and energy in buildings of all sizes. In addition to the installation of sanitation, heating, and ventilation systems, our capable customer care team is also available maintenance, repairs, and emergency services.

Klausch Gebäudetechnik GmbH


Wiesengasse 9

03130 Spremberg  

Phone: +49-3563-594-9419

Cell: +49-173-512-4011

Fax: +49-3563-344-111

Minimax GmbH & Co. KG

Minimax has been a leading fire protection brand for over 110 years. Today, the Minimax Viking Group generates annual revenues of approximately 1.3 billion euros and has about 8,000 employees worldwide. The corporate group headquartered in Bad Oldesloe operates several of its own research, development, and production facilities. Whether in automotive plants, power plants, logistics centers, office and administrative buildings, data centers, or on ships – wherever there’s a risk of fire, Minimax provides customized solutions and is also available after installing the fire protection system with an extensive range of services. 

Minimax GmbH & Co. KG

North Region Berlin Office

Gottlieb-Dunkel- Str. 20–21

12099 Berlin  

Phone: +49-30-700-008-0

Fax: +49-30-700-008-44 

Additional information is available at

Holger Polak Holz- und Bautenschutz

Holger Polak Wood and Building Protection

- Your Construction Service Provider -

Potsdamer Straße 19

15738 Zeuthen  

Phone/Fax: +49-30-8597-4314

Cell: +49-173-959-9080

Schulzendorfer Elektro GmbH

SCHULZENDORFER ELEKTRO GMBH is a company with a decades-long tradition. Founded in 1958 from the merger of two skilled trades enterprises, it soon grew into a illustrious medium-sized company. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology in the high-performance field of switchgear manufacturing, in its innovative project planning department, and in its modern offices, the company’s prestigious headquarters is conveniently situated not far from the highway just outside of Berlin’s southern city limits.

Schulzendorfer Elektro GmbH

Karl-Marx-Straße 14–16

15732 Schulzendorf  

Phone: +49-33762-47–0

Fax: +49-33762-47-100


Spicher GmbH

Spicher is a reliable partner for every need related to electronic security solutions, electrical systems, and electronic building services technology. We offer comprehensive and reliable service in all areas of security and building services technology – from innovative fire alarm systems and risk-appropriate intrusion detection systems to complex video surveillance and access control systems as well as fail-safe electro-acoustic systems, and much more. Our range of services encompasses consulting, planning, installation, and maintenance of electrotechnical equipment like smoke and heat extraction systems. Our duties related to monitoring, control, and regulation of systems in buildings laid the foundation for a product we developed in-house here at Spicher: the innovative, centrally controlled alarm management system “IGOR.”

Spicher GmbH

Baumschulenstraße 76

12437 Berlin  

Phone: +49-30-534-9916

Fax: +49-30-534-9917


Ulf Schrank Bauelemente & Trockenbau GmbH

We successfully meet the wide-ranging challenges we face in the many different fields of interior design, carpentry, and furniture manufacturing, and have done so for over 20 years. As part of a small team, we combine skilled craftsmanship, many years of experience, and flexibility, which allows us to fulfill individual requirements, from a small single-family home to restructuring a shopping mall.

Ulf Schrank Bauelemente & Trockenbau GmbH

Stolper Weg 2

14532 Stahnsdorf  

Phone: +49-3329-62-797

Fax: +49-3329-615-125

Uni ROKA Berlin GmbH

UNI ROKA BERLIN GMBH Sanitary installations, pipe cleaning, inspections via camera, grease traps Emergency telephone number available for everyone +49-30-3628-5656

Uni ROKA Berlin GmbH

Straße 40 Nr. 22

13129 Berlin  

Phone: +49-30-3628-5656

Fax: +49-30-3628-5657