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Dear visitors,


in order to provide you with a genuine, safe shopping experience, we have taken numerous measures so that you can shop with us without worries.

On this page you will find an overview and important information for your visit to the A10 centre.

We look forward to seeing you and hope you enjoy shopping with us!

Kind regards
Your team of the A10 Center


The most important things at a glance:

The following applies to shopping:

Repeal of 2G regulation / Introduction of FFP2 mask obligation.

Brandenburg's state government is lifting the 2G rule in all retail outlets, which currently only allows vaccinated and recovered people to shop in most shops. This means that all customers - regardless of vaccinated/convalescent status - will once again have free access to all shops. Instead, there will be a requirement to wear an FFP2 mask in stores.

The FFP2 mask obligation for customers applies to all retail and wholesale trade and thus also to all basic supply shops (for example, grocery shops, bakeries, bookstores, petrol stations, baby markets, pet supply shops or pharmacies). The FFP2 mask requirement also applies to all customers and visitors in other establishments that are open to the public or are open to visitors or customers, such as banks or libraries.

Exceptions: As before, the following are exempt from the FFP2 mask requirement:

The requirement to wear a mask in enclosed areas further means that the consumption of food and drink is not permitted in the general areas of the A10 centre.

If children under 14 years of age cannot wear a medical mask due to the fit, a mouth-nose covering must be worn as a substitute, which must be suitable due to its nature to reduce the spread of transmissible droplet particles when coughing, sneezing, speaking or breathing, regardless of a labelling or certified protection category.

In the food service area:

From 23 February, the 2G rule (previously 2G-Plus) will apply in restaurants nationwide.

This means: Access to restaurants, cafés, bars or pubs is only granted to those who have been fully vaccinated, to those who can prove that they have recovered, and to children under the age of 14.

Young people under the age of 18 who have not yet been vaccinated are admitted to 2G if they have proof of a daily test; proof of regular testing as part of school attendance is sufficient for this (self-test). Admission is also granted to persons who, for health reasons, have not been recommended for vaccination by the Standing Commission on Vaccination; they must prove their health reasons on site with an original written medical certificate, show a current negative test certificate and always wear an FFP2 mask without an exhalation valve. Furthermore, masks are compulsory in the catering industry: In closed rooms, all persons must wear at least a medical face mask (surgical mask) unless they are in their fixed place.

For body-related services applies:

The 3G rule (previously 2G) applies to near-body services. This means that vaccinated, convalescent and tested persons have access, for example, to the hairdressing salon or the beauty salon. Exception: The provision of sexual services is still only permitted under the 2G rule. Children under the age of 14 do not have to show proof of testing at 3G. For older pupils, proof of regular testing as part of school attendance is sufficient (self-test).

The following applies to cinemas and similar establishments:

In enclosed spaces, the 2G rule applies, as before.  Furthermore, everyone in enclosed spaces is required to wear a medical mask.

Opening hours

All opening hours of our shops and restaurants can be found here: Opening hours

These regulations are based on the official decisions of the Federal Government and the State of Brandenburg:


Further information:

For your visit at the A10 Center we ask for mutual consideration and say in advance: Thank you very much for your support!

What you can do?

What we implement:

To ensure that you can shop with us in a relaxed manner, we have defined a variety of preventive measures to which we are committed:

  1. Increased cleaning of frequently used touchpoints or surfaces such as door handles, escalator handrails, lift buttons.
  2. Security service checks compliance with official regulations and sensitises centre visitors to keep their distance.
  3. Disinfection dispensers in entrance areas, washrooms and along the shopping street.
  4. Information on generally applicable preventive behaviour at centre entrances, washrooms and along the shopping street, these are: Observance of distance requirements, advice on regular hand hygiene, recommendation on contactless payment, obligation to wear a face mask, cautious behaviour.
  5. Advice on the use of lifts and escalators.
  6. Ensuring that distance is maintained even in dwell zones.
  7. Sensitisation of resident tenants to comply with and implement official regulations.
  8. Regular customer information through notices, centre website and communication via Facebook.
  9. Regular information to tenants through tenant circulars.
  10. If required by the authorities or if necessary: entrance or inflow control as well as routing, queue management in front of the centre entrances, separation of entrances/exits, creation of one-way traffic in narrow places.